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Sunny saturday some thoughts

Tree near my station

Its been a while since promises of warm weather since this May. I can’t seem to leave my thick autumn jacket. There was periods when it was warm then suddenly it becomes cold again. The sun is usually there but the wind makes it colder. Once when I was working at my office I looked outside and it was snowing. I was surprised.

Tree near my station

Some young trees near my station are still growing. maybe next year

Today it was sunny. I was up early this Saturday at around 6:30. Since I stopped going out for late night parties and clubbing I started to have more fresh weekends. Its so much good to be able to wake up early to sunrise, then to return late tired after the party and sleep almost half the day.

Anyway I love the walk in the morning. I felt very good, listening to music and the sun. I felt good vibes. I took out my camera and took some photos of the station close to my home. Today I was heading to the office because they was a event for kids when they could come and start some coding.

On the train station I was waiting for the train. I noticed some wild flowers growing on the train tracks. I like it. It got me thinking, admiring. There is train running on the tracks, could easily wipe these flowers clean. But they managed to survive. Not just survive but flourish. It became a symbol for me of life, of hussle. Was not like the flowers planted by the gardeners in pots placed at different places. But these flowers were a symbol of beauty of nature of survival.

Recently I am having peace in my mind. I started letting go, stopped trying to take control of everything that has happened. I think more than happiness I would like to have peace. I stopped making assumptions stated looking at my life situaiton in the moments, when made me realize how greatful I am for what I have been blessed with. “You don’t really know, what’s going on in other people’s lives so stop making assumptions”, one of my friend said to me once. That I believe is true. There can’t be any situation that can’t be dealt with. There is alway a solution always a choice. Always a chance to let it go and release.

By the way I also took my camera out. It had been sitting and eating dust in my cupboard. I took some shots last night. I noticed an add for photography challenge called I have uploaded some of my photos there. The following photo got a like and some votes.

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