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Are you copying my moves, AI and future of automation

I was talking to my colleague earlier today. Whenever an issue comes up I go over to him or someone in devops team. ‘Hi, can you have a look over in the production environment and check…’. I go there quite often an honestly I feel I bother them too much. They have a lot of systems it takes a while for them to grey out the thing. I ask him, why can’t you automate some of the activities you are doing.

Well you could do it. Maybe write down a python script or some software to do it. Or there was something called Robotic Process Automation.

What’s the challeging part? Writing down the code is labor intensive and screen recording like some RPA providers claim are just hits and misses. Well we want it to work 100 percent of the time…hypothetically it would, a dream come true.

Recently I was quite interested in IOT -Internet of Things after every device imaginable is connected to the internet sending data all the time. Anyway what do you do you with all that gold mine or maybe is it a garbage. These data can be used to do some kind of analytics. Or gets more interesting when using AI to learn something cool from the data.

I stumbled across this video.

AI is winning over the champions by self training in Dota. A game I used play a lot. Towards the end there was a virtual reality used to train a robot.

Hmmm, that’s wonderful because now you can literally train a robot by imitation. Can you code for me as well AI. Not there yet. That’s huge because they means instead of programming a robot hand shake your hand you can train it in virtual reality and it can train on itself using trial and errors. Just like how kids learn. Can you imagine writing down an instruction manual on how to play football handing it to your kid. Just give her the ball and out in the field.

But why do that with AI. Not anymore.

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