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Finding a needle in a haystack

Documents, archives, what happened to them, must have caught fire. No actually it’s there in the digital world. One day I get an application built by someone. Why is it assigned to me? Because the application name sounds kind of similar to what I have been working with. Yeah right.

Should have said no, but I love ym these challenges, so I start digging in the stuff absolutely no idea what I’m dealing with. Something is obviously failing otherwise nobody would have complained its broken. One thing that starts the warning indicator blinking is when I check the repository and the solution was last checked in by someone few years back and the person is no longer working. Oh yeah I see where this is going.

Sometimes I would want to use my logical brain and try to dig in step by step. But sometimes deadlines are a coffeebreak away what do I do then ? Ask around get it fixed, surprisingly thats way faster. It’s just about swallow your ego of being the expert and ask around investigating like Sherlock Holmes even if you don’t really understand it completely. I mean how time would you want to spend on fixing a legacy project when a flashy new project is going to scrap it out from the face of the earth.

Besides someone else already have had that headache before, like one time.

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