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Less stressful and easier way of learning or starting something new

There have been times in my life when I wanted to learn new things. I used to read a lot of books, watched a lot of training videos. I was recently watching some content on video editing, starting an online business and the list goes on. Sometimes I get these ads about apps for reading fifty books in a month. I click on subscribe after a month later reading, listening to audio versions, although I did find the articles interesting but eventually resulting in overloading them in my head.
I realized this after my journey trying to learn a new skill like film-making. I was looking out for the best affordable equipment. I was watching videos on youtube and reading reviews. Certainly I got more information on them but that information came with a price. Some nights I got hooked watching videos on how to make a good film one after the other, resulting in sleepless nights. I was also not implementing them in my life. If I ask myself what did I learn, the answer was nothing and I lost my sleep, became tired the next day. I would have rather got more out of taking a camera an recording some videos and learning through trial and error.
It may sound ironical when I say stop reading books or watch videos to learn something. There are many gold nuggets in those books but certainly I would go nowhere by just reading them one after the other. After a while the brain become completely a feeder and was lazy to do something about it or take action. I think that I should have produced more than feed. Realized that how I learn more was by writing more than reading. Somehow the mind gets to work to digest the information. So I swithched completely from 80% reading and 20% writing to 80% writing and 20% reading.
One of the advantages I noticed after writing was that my language improved quite significantly. It has been years living in Sweden and I still struggle with the language. As an adult I was learning the language logically and realized that it was an ineffective approach. I was reading newspapers every morning, watching movies and much more. However I was not improving, Instead I started recording myself, writing and talking to people. I realized after this practice even though I spend less time than reading. I noticed a lot of improvements in my language.
I feel that this has something to do with the subconscious mind. I read a book once called Thinking Fast and Thinking Slow by Daniel Kohneman and another book Blink by Malcolm Gladwell. A common theme I found in these books was the references to the fast mind or the subconscious mind. I realized that if I wanted to learn something I would have to stop thinking, give up the ambition to become a pefectionist and expect that it would come through time after practice. Before, in learning, I realized that I was more stressing toward the inefficient logical brain that wanted everything in steps and not take a step before knowing it all. Instead, I then started to allow my fast brain to process information with trial and error, and this became much better. I was now thinking less and producing more. I reazied that I get new ideas more if one thing or the other didn’t work perhaps there were more connections happening in the neurons. These new ideas, I quickly note them in a Trello board.
I now write quite often. On the train from my home to work, I have about 45 minutes on the train. I take out my mobile and start writing. I write freely, lets words come up. Sometimes I write about a movie that I watched and what I found interesting. Somedays I write about how tired I was feeling at the moment. At least something so that I have my mind empty.

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