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Create your own chatbot with google assistant and web scraping

When I travelled to US in December 2018, I stayed at my sister’s apartment. It was a great time. One of the things that they showed me was an Alexa speaker, a voice command assistant developed by Amazon. I found it quite interesting when they showed how they could ask questions and it would answer back like a real human. In the market I saw a rise in popularity of home assistants such as Alexa and Google Home. I found it very interesting so I played around with it asking it different questions and sending commands. It was not that smart honestly but then I started exploring more I got into many ways such an assistant could integrate with different third party services using voice commands. It struck me that this could potentially open new opportunities. What if all the websites in the world had some form of support for voice assistants in their website.

To explore on this idea, I am currently working on a proof of concept to create an a bot that integrates with google assistant. I could send questions to the assistant to talk to my bot. The bot would then go find the answersfor me. Here is the challenge not all websites have support for api’s. Therefore I am going to use web scraping to get information from other websites.